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T's & C's Yo!

Terms and Conditions 



Your information Blind Florist collects is simply to ensure that your purchase can be processed in the smoothest possible manner. We want to make your online shopping experiences hassle free and all information that you provide is kept secure and will never be disclosed to any other parties. All prices are listed in New Zealand dollars and all items must be paid for in full. Only one transaction is permitted per order. Because we are using an SSL Secure Shopping protect, a secure gateway for online payment, there is no need for Blind Florist to record your credit card details. SSL Secure Shopping allows transactions to take place in real time and goes through an independent system meaning no credit card details are recorded. If you would like to read more about Wix and their SSL Payment Security click here.

We would love for you to be part of the Blind Florist community so the information that is provided by you is used to form our database. Being a part of this database means you will be up to date with Blind Florist happenings on an ongoing basis and we would very much like to keep you up to date on new products, various specials and sale items.



Payments must be made in full via credit card. Only one payment will be accepted per order. Prices listed on our online store are in New Zealand dollars and will be billed to you in NZD.



All online purchases are final, items are checked before shipping for any obscurities.

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